Prepare for your winter activities

For you who like the chill breeze on your face and looking over a beautiful landscape on top of the mountain.

Better yet, don't do it unless other people are pretty confident in your fitness. Some wet/muddy creek crossings, but otherwise dry. Super loose after second intersection. This is a shuttle access downhill trail that is suitable for all ages and multiple different bike styles- although best suited for all mountain, dirtjumper or full on DH bikes. Greens Lick is a machine built trail designed by Trail Dynamics as a demonstration trail showing the forest service how eroded road beds could be converted to sustainable trail.

Plan on this ride taking all day, it probably won't, but plan on it anyways by starting early. Awesome trail. Stay straight when the trail intersects with a doubletrack and then bear left at an intersection with the winter/horse route. Other features include rock garden (that is rutted on the outer edges because XC peeps avoid it), skinny with twists and some other short elevated bridges. Small tree down between bottom of trail and bridge crossing.

There is more to do

Normally most of the hikers don't make it to Otero Upper so that section is a little more clear and you can let it hang out a little more. It can be accessed from the base at Old Fort Picnic Grounds or the base of the upper climb. Jewel of the Amasa Back area, relatively new to the other trails. Some wet/muddy creek crossings, but otherwise dry. Even though it is a short trail it is extremely fun to ride.

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